The modern architectural style was the world’s foremost architectural style for more than half a century. Also known as modernist architecture, modern architecture was the predominant style for all buildings around the world from the 1930s to the 1980s. Buildings which are built in a modern style are characterized by structural innovation, functionality, the analytical use of materials, and the rejection of lavish and extravagant designs. Similarly, security doors which are built in a modern style also exhibit such qualities.

Although modern architecture is no longer as common as it was in its heyday, many mass-produced and customized security doors alike continue to be built in a modern style. Since modern architecture includes various different categories, it stands to reason that modern security doors, including customized security doors, can also be divided into these same categories. If it is a security door built in a modern style which you seek, carefully consider the details of the doors in each category before making a decision.

Bauhaus Security Doors

One well-known category of modern architecture is Bauhaus. Bauhaus architecture is named after the Staatliches Bauhaus, an art school in Germany where this architectural style was created. Although the school ceased to be operational in 1933, its influence can still be clearly seen throughout architectural structures around the world today. The primary features of Bauhaus architecture are balanced asymmetry, holistic design, the use of industrial materials, and simple colour schemes.

Of these features, it is the use of industrial materials which is the defining feature of Bauhaus security doors. The vast majority of security doors built in this modern style are made of steel. Some of these steel security doors also contain glass elements; glass is another industrial material widely used in Bauhaus security doors. Most Bauhaus doors including customized security doors make use of door handles instead of doorknobs. These handles are usually backed by backplates. These door handles and backplates are usually made of either steel or brass.

Brutalist Security Doors

Brutalism is another important category of modernist architecture. It is a modern style which emphasizes austerity, cost-effectiveness, and practicality. The primary materials used in the construction of Brutalist architectural structures such as customized security doors are brick and concrete. Brutalism is a style that originates from Sweden; in 1950, Swedish architect Hans Asplund coined the term “Brutalism” to describe a certain brick house.

Although Brutalist security doors are not necessarily made of either brick or concrete, almost all of them are made of materials which, aesthetically speaking, pair well with a building made of either material. Both mass-produced and customized security doors made in this modern style make use of simple designs. These doors generally do not have any non-essential details and are made of hardy materials which are difficult to penetrate. Many customized security doors built in the Brutalist style make use of shatterproof glass features. A Brutalist door with shatterproof glass features will work well as a security door because shatterproof glass guards against intruders while also enhancing safety during emergencies.

Art Deco Security Doors

One other notable category of modern architecture is Art Deco. Art Deco architecture first developed in France after World War I. Between the 1920s and 1940s, Art Deco architecture spread all over the world. The primary features of the modern style known as Art Deco are bold geometric patterns, exaggerated curves, straight lines, and trapezoidal shapes. Like many other modern styles, Art Deco placed much emphasis on cost-effectiveness and practicality.

Even today, there are many customized security doors built in the Art Deco style. Art Deco security doors usually feature grilles and bars. These grilles and bars not only serve as powerful tools to deter any intruder; they also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any home. Traditionally, Art Deco security doors made use of vertical and horizontal bars. However, some designers have chosen to eschew these patterns because to some, they give a feeling of being trapped. Thus, these designers of customized security doors have instead opted to use curved bars which provide a greater sense of openness and comfort.
Despite the decline in popularity of modern styles, homes built in these styles contain unique features which can be enhanced by a security door built in such a style. However, regardless of your home’s architectural style, a modern security door, especially a customized security door made to be a perfect fit for your home, will undoubtedly be a viable addition to it. When you choose a modern customized security door that not only protects your home but also suits its aesthetic, you will reap an array of visual and practical benefits alike.

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Features of Security Doors Built in a Modern Style