Any high-quality security door such as a customized security door, deluxe security door, or even an ordinary one can do much to make any home much safer and provide residents with a higher quality of life. Those who are interested in obtaining a deluxe security door, however, might be somewhat put off by what they assume to be a high cost. This is not necessarily the case. There are some excellent deluxe security doors, including customized security doors, that fit well into anyone’s budget.

There are some security door features which you should be aware of. This is because such features do not do much to raise the price of a customized security door but greatly enhances its security capabilities.

Metallic Frames

Many of the most budget-friendly deluxe security doors come with metallic frames. These frames are typically made of either iron or steel. These frames are often visually appealing and will give your home an elevated aesthetic feel. More importantly, metallic frames are almost always strong and sturdy enough to deter any potential intruders. Metallic frames can be placed over security doors of virtually any shape, size, or material. For additional visual appeal, some metallic frames found on customized security doors come with copper or glass inserts. These inserts are also relatively inexpensive, keeping the doors in question easy on your wallet.

Enhanced Coverings

Some deluxe security doors make use of enhanced coverings for protective purposes. Enhanced coverings are panels which are made of either wood composite or anodized aluminium. Wood composite is not pure wood; it is a wood derivative which is created by binding wood fibers, boards, or strands. One variant of wood composite which includes thermoplastics is known as wood-plastic composite. Anodized aluminium, meanwhile, is a type of aluminium which contains positive electric charges. This is because the aluminium would have been coated in an electrolytic solution beforehand.

Enhanced coverings are suitable for both internal and external security doors alike. They provide protection against corrosion, impact, and wear and tear. In addition, these substances are very difficult to penetrate; thus, an intruder bent on breaking through a security door protected by an enhanced covering will not find it easy to do so. Enhanced coverings are excellent value for money; they provide outstanding security while at the same time being more affordable than extravagant coverings.

Latch Guards

Some deluxe security doors, including those which are customized security doors, come with latch guards. Also known as latch protectors or latch shields, latch guards are metal plates which cover latches of any door, including a customized security door, to protect them from undue exposure. Through the defense afforded by latch guards, it will become almost impossible for anyone to tamper with a door’s latch. Just like the other security features previously mentioned, latch guards are relatively affordable in comparison to other notable deluxe security door features.

Some latch guards, especially those found on deluxe security doors, even come with security pins. Security pins are embedded into the frame of the door. They serve as anchors which deter the actions of potential intruders who might attempt to damage the door to enter. Even in the event that an intruder were to remove security pins from either a mass-produced or customized security door, the pins remain embedded in the door frame. Deluxe security doors, including those which are customized security doors, which feature security pins are commonly used in apartments and condominiums.
Having discussed each of the features which can be found in most budget-friendly deluxe security doors, it should be evident that the idea that such doors must be expensive is a false one. By searching for cost-effective yet highly protective features and sometimes making use of features commonly found on customized security doors, you can easily own a deluxe security door of your own which not only keeps you and your possessions safe but also spares you any excessive expenses.

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Features of a Budget-Friendly Deluxe Security Door