For homeowners, if you are about to install a new door for your house or replacing the old ones, you will surely face confusion as to which door to go for. You have to see from every aspect as doors play a vital role in securing your house. Whenever people come over to your house, the chances are high that their eyes will be focused on the door first before anything.

Doors represent your house, it welcomes your visitors into your house. It also will dictate the level of security of your house! Therefore, it is very crucial for you to pick the right one from the beginning.

Most of the time, people are torn between; whether to get a security door to safeguard your house or to install a screen door. Both of them hold significant purposes for various purposes, depending on your needs.

But at first, it is best for you to understand the role of each door, to ensure that you make a more informed and best decision for your home. Here, we outline the definition of both uses!


Most security doors are more than just an average look. They are often made of heavy- duty material, fitted with stronger frames structure that is highly recommended to stand against burglary or forced entry.  Although none of us can assure a 100 percent security, a security door’s construction is able to make it not possible to break in or pick the lock.

It can also help withstand the force from storms and weather abuse. They can, however, be added for an additional level of safety. You can either upgrade the locks that can prevent covert and destructive entry. 

Do take note that a security door does not serve for external use, you can use it to protect the other area in your house. Let’s say it can be installed to protect your basement, vaults or any room. 


For those who would not want their door shut can opt for a security screen door. It goes by as what the name says: a door with a screen. It is a door made of fine netting which is on the outside of the main door of the house. A perfect choice for families, who want to watch their kids play outside or let the light into the house without having to close the door.

Screen doors are basically the security door frame with a choice of mesh, with no pattern overlays. They became the choice of many that do not want to conceal the look with a security door pattern. 

As a second, outer door, it adds another level of comfort and protection to your home. It works perfectly if your door is exposed to outside’s elements. The screen panels allow for ventilation.

Although the frame can be made of a variety of materials, wooden frames with few components are the most common. They keep pests and bugs out while allowing plenty of fresh air in.

Security doors vs screen doors

Both work in their own way. 

Security doors are built more sturdily constructed. They are generally made from steel, or wrought iron, making their frames strong, sturdy and durable. Meanwhile, screen doors have reinforced corners and are usually built with an aluminium frame and an aluminium mesh screen.

For another reason why some homeowners choose screen doors is that the mesh used allows for more ventilation and sunshine while still securing the house. There are heavy mesh forms that are designed to be more durable and safe; if your concern is due to the security. For security doors, they are usually equipped with high-quality steel wire screens that can withstand at least 60 pounds of force. Since there will be less airflow, the door will be heavier and more stable.

Which one?

Both security doors and screen doors work differently. It depends on your desired level of protection for your house. It is best for you to make an informed decision; whether you want to opt for any of them. If you feel less confident to make a decision, it is best to refer to experts for more meaningful insight on the matter!

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Security Doors Vs Screen Doors