When it comes to the enhancement of security of your home, the first thing that should come to our mind is how to improve the security of the doors and windows. This is probably because those act as the first line of defense to prevent burglars from breaking into our house.

Doors and windows should not only serve aesthetics only, it must be able to be a strong barrier between what’s inside your home and the outside world.

Other than the security home itself, do you know what are the other alternatives that you can go for? Yes, security mesh system! It is also another effective alternative to solve your security concerns as it gives great protection to ensure your property’s safety.

Investing in a security mesh system is definitely an effective alternative to solve your security concerns by enhancing the security of your property and giving your family and loved ones the ultimate protection.

Security mesh doors and windows are effective to ensure security while still allows clear views and ventilation while keeping out the insects. For some, they might not be familiar with the usage to install security mesh. Many people are more exposed to having security windows and security doors to keep their house safe.

Other than the security mesh, it is also important to take note of the accessories and the parts that come along with the security mesh such as the locking system, frame, hinge, and handle. 

These parts are very much needed to be paired together with the security mesh in order to give you and your family the ultimate protection. Additional features such as aluminium frame, multipoint locking system and concealed hinges can prevent your door and window being pulled out by the intruders easily. 

What exactly is security mesh?

Security mesh is mesh panels used as a penetration resistant shield behind safety windows and safety doors. They are different from fly screens, steel bars, and grilles. They are available in different applications such as casement windows, sliding windows and doors, swing doors, and folding doors. 

They can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, and fiberglass. But, it is important to take note that the material used in the making of the security mesh windows and doors will greatly affect the level of security they provide.

Out of these materials, high grade stainless steel security mesh are dubbed as the best material. This is due to their impact resistance ability, amazing corrosion resistance and most importantly, more durable when compared with other material.

Other than that, their security level also depends on the thickness. The more thicker the security meshes are, the more better it would be. As such, the thickness of the security mesh should be 1 mm or more.

Benefits of installing security mesh windows and doors

  1. Great level of security

You can secure your house better from thefts with the installation of security mesh doors and security mesh windows. They are highly resilient and able to withstand any impact and break in attempts made by humans and even against severe weather or environmental corrosion factors such as acid rain.

Other than that, you can also count on security mesh windows and doors on their ability in keeping the insects and pests outside of your house.

  1. Maintain privacy

You can still enjoy the view outside of your house without having to open your door, this is a good feature as you can ensure your safety from the danger outside. What is interesting, is that whoever passes by your house, they could not see inside your house. You can also still enjoy the sunlight and fresh air to enter your living space. This gives you a sense of privacy and also security.

  1. Able to block the UV rays

Most security mesh windows and doors are able to block up to 30% of UV rays at least. As a result you will be able to enjoy the sunlight, making its way to your house through security mesh without being exposed to the harm of UV rays.

  1. Low-carbon, environmental and improved ventilation

Now that you no longer have to open your window just to allow natural light into your house, a security mesh allows the sunlight to enter and also improves your surroundings ventilation. The great ventilation system will be able to give your home a natural cooling, therefore, helps to reduce your energy bills on air conditioning. You can save energy bills especially during hot days.

Other than that, they are also made of environmentally friendly materials which actually helps to reduce pollution and your carbon footprint.

  1. Wide outlook

Security mesh do not have restrictions on the venue as it can be installed at many types of properties and designs; bungalow, store, villa, studio. They are also applicable and can serve different products like folding doors, casement windows, sliding windows, sliding doors and swing doors. Most of the time, they are available for customisation (colours and sizes) according to your preferences.

Minimal maintenance

Most of the time, they are not affected by factors such as rusting, fading, and rotting, unlike any other door materials. They are able to withstand various environmental threats to function for a long period of time.

However, it is still important for you to maintain them, so they can work in a good condition. Screen mesh doors and windows act as a giant air filter and allow air to flow through the screen tapped the airborne onto the screen.

If you do not bother to clean it, the dirt will harden the screen and affect the powder coating on the screen. Therefore, it is important for you to regularly clean your screen doors to remove these airborne contaminants.

Should you be opting for security mesh windows and doors?

In conclusion, security mesh windows and doors are one of the security systems that you can install in your house to provide basic protection to your family and possessions as windows and doors are our first line of defense. So, you should consider installing one in your home.

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Benefits of Security Mesh Doors and Windows