The door is not only an important element of any house but also its greatest vulnerability. Doors determine the kind of protection that you have against outsiders, be it burglars, animals, storms, or anything else.

Your door must be able to withstand anything, not easy to break down and the lock should not be easily picked too. For security purposes, security doors commonly offer better security on all fonts. Security doors, most of them are designed better and tend to be sturdier than common standard doors.

Upon hearing “security door”, it will always remind you of the images of doors that seem heavy, sturdy and able to secure your property. 

There are a lot of options in terms of materials and designs out there, ready for security doors. Any material used in the manufacture of a security door has to do the job of protecting your house from any potential burglars.

Your front door is the first entry that thieves will be eye-ing at when they have a plan to break into your house. It is necessary for you to understand how a criminal commonly would try to get past your defences. It is because of the specialised equipment or also the material that you choose.

Therefore it explains a lot as to why should you consider installing a security door with the right material! But well, of course the material that you pick needs to be in line with your taste and preference, and not to forget, its security and durability.

It also has to be within your budget too!

What type of security door material should you get?

Most of the time, there are four main categories if you want to choose for security exterior doors, namely wooden doors, UPVC doors, composite doors, fiberglass doors, and aluminum doors. Let’s get into each of the materials and get to know which one fits your preference and needs for your lovely home!

Each of these materials offer different strengths, according to their terms of security standards for security exterior door.

Wooden Doors

They can be a great choice to be installed as the safest front door to protect your home but it has to be a solid wood door.  Most wooden doors are both sturdy and heavy and able to withstand wear and damage. They are always 1 3/4” thick and they provide good insulators for soundproofing as well.

If you want to go for a classy look, this material may be your  best choice by far.  But wooden doors can be more pricey than most other materials. The advantage of choosing wood is that they can be easily fixed if there are scratches of dents on top of the surface.

But.. they too, require maintenance as they can sag, peel over the time and warp due to the weather (the rain, the cold or the heat). They also need to be painted from time to time if you wish to maintain their beauty.

Stainless Steel Security Doors

Steel security doors are the most economical doors as many opt for this type of material for their commercial properties, or even for their homes. Steel front doors can offer you better security than fiberglass doors and wood doors. 

They are durable, sturdy and energy efficient as they have higher insulating value, which provide high noise insulation. One good thing about steel doors, they resist warping or crack  against any weather like other materials but they can easily be dented with a forceful kick and are difficult to repair.

On top of that, there are steel security doors able to slow the spread of fire and smoke too.

uPVC Security Doors

You can count on uPVC front doors for better safety as they are very difficult to break. Most of the time, uPVC type of material is resistant to rotting and rusting. They do not deteriorate over time and are prone to combustion too. uPVC is also not easily affected by climate changes.

For those who are looking forward to a lesser budget to install security doors for your home, uPVC is slightly inexpensive compared to wood or aluminium. Another pros to enjoy if you opt for uPVC security doors, there are almost unlimited range of designs to choose from. uPVC doors can be adapted to a wide variety of surroundings. A good thing about uPVC security doors is due to its flexibility  to adapt to a wide variety of surroundings.

Unlike most materials that require consistent maintenance, uPVC’s material is so durable, hence, a very little maintenance is needed. You can easily clean the surface with water and detergent just like that — no painting or sealing needed.

Aluminium Security Doors

One of the major reasons why people would go for this material is due to its reliable protection against potential break-ins. Aluminium is very durable and able to withstand standard burglary attempts.

They are resistant to rusting and famous for their anti-corrosive quality where they will not easily wear over the time so you can certainly not have to worry about rusting. Other than that, aluminium is also resistant against any kind of weather.

Fiberglass Doors

Apart from wooden doors which give you the traditional and classy look, fiberglass security doors can also offer you the same as they are very versatile to give you the look that you have in your mind at the moment.  Fiberglass doors are the best option you can go for, concerning the versatility alone, ranging from the colours, styles and finishes to fit every home exterior.

Their surface is very smooth and easily painted. You can always re-paint them if you want to change the appearance of your fiberglass. 

In terms of safety, fiberglass doors are a very good option as they do not easily crack or break over time. On a good note, their condition does not get worse as time goes by, because they do not rot, dent or rust. Here, very little maintenance is needed although they are more costly at first.

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Best Materials For Your Home’s Security Door