When it comes to a property or a house, the first thing that you need to consider will be security. You can either have a security exterior door or residential security gates but a smart home will require smart protection.

A home with tight and detailed security systems can help to prevent you from becoming a potential victim of any possible disaster such as burglaries.

Your house should be a safe place for you and your beloved ones, either when you are at home or when you are away on vacations with peace of mind.

It might be easy for you to check on your house if you are at home, as you can just ensure the lights are on which may be enough to keep the burglars away. Burglars usually will be targeting an empty-look house with no lights on, when they somehow have the idea that there’d be no one in the house. So, your house may seem an easy target for them if you are away from days or weeks, easier for them to enter your house for the quick plunders! Yes, it can be very stressful to be away and have to worry about what’s going on at home.

Will your house look like it is abandoned? Do you have the safest front door that is locked? What if the smoke alarm goes off? — These are the things that will run through your mind.

Worry not, there are a lot of high-tech options that can make it easier for you to be able to monitor your house, to rule the roost from anywhere! Apart from having security exterior doors, the technology and the security gadgets may not be able to stop thieves from breaking into your space, but it should be enough to scare them and keep your house safe.

These are the security gadgets that you should install for your home, apart from relying on your security exterior doors alone.

  • Install home security camera

With the installation of security cameras around your living space, be it indoor or outdoor, you can constantly monitor your premises no matter where you are at the moment.

This gadget is helpful for those who always have to leave the house empty. Sure, locking your security exterior doors will always be a priority but that will not stop thieves from trying to break into your house.

A security camera is usable where you would like video coverage. You can place it anywhere. You can find them in any size, as most of the time, they are a pepper mill size. They can come out in a very presentable style, as it can blend it if you want to install it anywhere, as such on your entryway table. It may look hideous that people won’t notice that they are being recorded.

Security camera also has the face recognition technology, so you will be alerted if it detects someone unknown enters your house.

Other than doing its job in detecting potential burglars, it can also show who is at your security exterior door before you answer it. Why is such a gadget so beneficial for your security purpose? These cameras can connect to your phone, tablet or laptop so you can just flip your phone to monitor your house from anywhere. Worry no more!

  • Blind spots camera

The blind spot or known as the ‘dead zone’ of a camera is the area under the camera where the camera cannot view the ground. 

So, blind spot cameras work the best in ensuring the blind spots are being monitored as well. This can be very helpful as usually burglars always try to break into your home premise where there are the least chances for them to get caught.

Blind spot cameras will be positioned to monitor the areas that may not be within the peripheral vision of your installed camera.

They are not too expensive, as they can be considered affordable to save you enough from any big losses. They are usually powered by batteries and can last around four to six months without having to replace their power cells.

Bonus point — they have infrared night vision and shoot high-quality videos too other than possessing the feature of motion detection.

  • Smart Deadbolt/Siren Padlock

Smart deadbolt, most of them have a built-in alarm in case there are thieves trying to break into your house. This type of gadget which will be attached to your security exterior door will make it harder for anyone once you set the device with a key or code. 

Similarly, siren padlock also will have built-in sensors to enhance the safest front door for you. Homeowners will receive an alert if someone fiddles with it. You can unlock it using a single touch, only if your Bluetooth enabled smart device is in the range of the pad.

  • Barking door alarm/Pressure doormat alarm

The barking door alarm will ring once it detects any suspicious movement. It is a good way to frighten anyone away once the bark alarm starts to ring, which will have high chances of alerting the surrounding in the neighbourhood as well.

Meanwhile, for a pressure doormat alarm, you will receive a warning if your doormat detects any kind of movement like spotting someone standing near your security exterior door. The alarm is triggered when weight is applied to doormat. It can also monitor in specific areas of the home like the mat next to the bathroom or by the bed. You can sleep soundly knowing that you have the safest front door now.

This can serve as a very beneficial home security gadget to be added in your list.

  • Motion sensor lights

There are many benefits that you can gain upon installing motion sensor lights for your house. Motion sensor lighting can detect movement from heat waves that emit from moving objects. The light will then turn on and remain on for either a set amount of time or until the movement stops.

It can detect any kind of movement where burglars may attempt to breach your property with the intention to steal or vandalise. But you can scare the intruder away by lighting the area. It can also be applied to scare off the critters like skunks who can cause damage to your lawn.

This gadget is very helpful at providing safety at night as it has motion sensor lighting and daylight sensor lighting as well. It can be placed in any area of your house, does not necessarily have to be near your security exterior door.

On a side note, you can also save your money as it will cut down on your electricity consumption — your lights won’t be left on at all times.

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